Captain Honey

Captain Honey creates a fantazy universe to experience a whole set of economic simulation caming including building, crafting, farming, addventuring, and metaverse discovering. Become the real leader of your future pirate empire. Especially, by camifying modern blockchain mechanisms, Captain Honey will bring players a new dimension of mixed entertainment and earning.


Build the perfect colony

Develop your setlement from a squar shack to a rich pirate bay. Build, improve and expand your settlement. Attract new residents who will be involved to work im your mines, sawmills, farms and ships. The more developed your settlement is, the more resourses you will get to trae inside the game and create new NFTs. Think over your strategy so as to be among the best players and create THE BEST colony!

Manage the economy

To create your pirate empire, you will need to establish the extraction of useful resources and provide your residents with food. However, to increase the volume of extraction of useful resources,you will have to attract future residents and provide them with the necessary living conditions. If you do not have enough resources to support the colony, at first establish trade and exchange your resources for the resources that you will need. You should also make sure that your colony has a sufficient supply of the most valuable resource for any pirate - a hoppy drink - Mead. You can get it only in our blockchain stacking pool.

Build your fearsome fleet

What kind of pirate are you without a ship? And it's always better when there are a lot of ships! You can engage in peaceful trade or send ships to search for other people's treasures in the holds. However, BEWARE, your ship may also be robbed on the way to the neighboring harbor. The more powerful your ships are, the more chances you have to fill your treasury.


It just so happens that for food on the island, you need to breed bees. However, we must be prepared for the fact that this is not an easy task. Bees are fragile creatures and require decent working conditions! Get ready for the fact that not all bees are ready to do hard work and also for the fact that the weather on the island can be changeable... Increase the bee population, keep track of the seasons and go in search of new bee species. in the depths of the island, who knows what you will find there...

Epoch change system

Developing your colony, you need to keep up with the progress. Your buildings and tools become obsolete over time, so you need to monitor the development of new technologies! The game has developed a unique system of epochs, in each new era, old objects gradually lose their effectiveness and buildings deteriorate. But don't worry! When you change the era, you lose only the advantage, but not the colony itself, you should be up to date to be the best pirate of the game

Unique reward system

We developed a unique system of game achievements, complete tasks, get experience points and achievements, then, thanks to the system of ranks, weekly/monthly ratings, the best players will have access to. Limited rewards. Become the best among the pirates and get the appropriate reward!

Step 1: 1Q 2022

Build team;
Website and social communities;
NFT development;
Game concept draft. Blueprint draft; Full game concept.
Pre-Alpha technical documentation;
Pre-Alpha Mockup;

Step 2: 2Q 2022

First version of Smart contract;
Atomichub whitelist;“Founders badge” free drop;
Game promotion;Free key distribution.

Step 3: 3Q 2022

First NFT drop; Pre-Alpha release;
Mead token release and
listing on Alcor; Staking pool launch.

Step 4: 4Q 2022

Closed Alpha Test; Closed Beta Test; Atomichub and
Neftyblocks verification;
Second NFT drop; Open Beta Test
Balancing the game economy;

Step 5: 1Q 2023

Game launch; First epoch run;
New NFT announcement;
Second NFT drop;New game version release;
Further game developments:
new NFT, lands, quest systems,
new Islands...

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