10 July - 24 July
form closing at 17:00 UTC
"Founder Badge" NFT Airdrop
Become the founder of the NFT Captain Honey game officially
Blow me down! We come bearing gifts!

Guess what? Absolutely everyone will receive a guaranteed NFT from us. We want to make this small gift not only to our community but also to early followers. Founder Badge is a unique NFT that will never be released again and will be part of the game achievements system.

In order to receive the "Founder Badge" NFT, you need to comply with the following conditions:

You ought to have the "Smugglers" role in our discord channel, for this you need to pass WAX wallet verification in channel "verify-wax-wallet"

Next, you ought to retweet this message on Twitter and tag 3 of your friends
And you ought to submit a form request to the bot in the "founders-badge-airdrop!" channel.In this application, you need to specify only your nickname from Twitter. Access to this channel has only the "Smugglers" role.

Application closing date: 24/7 at 17:00 UTC.

Next, the moderators of our community will review all applications for compliance with the conditions, and then all approved accounts will receive their NFT.
How to get free nft?
The "Founder Badge" NFT gives you:
Unique game bonuses
Get unique bonuses that become available during special Events.
Guaranteed priority access to our drops.
This access will allow you to get NFT from us earlier than the general public can do it (However, this priority will be lower than that of the owners of the "Golden key", "Silver key" and "Bronze key").

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